(not sure of the precise date, I would guess late 1988)

Dear All,

Killing Joke has always endeavoured to embody new atmospheres and forces relevant to coming changes.  Music that Jaz and myself find comes quite instinctively inspires more ideologically than a group of musicians on the never-ending concert tour.

After ten years of resisting compromises for cash, Jaz and I find ourselves in a most positive frame of mind and circumstance.  Not only being able to perfect the live concert to its highest potency, but also expanding our network of communication to facilitate the strong-willed amongst us becoming involved on a practical level.

This practical level of activity is all important if we are to deal with the massive changes we all feel in our hears are approaching on every level, fast.

Would you know more?

Yours sincerely,


Dear All,

As you will be aware, many radical changes have occurred around Killing Joke in the last eighteen months and it would be fair criticism in saying that there has been a lack of vital information to our loyal followers who have had to resort to obtaining news via the music press.  However, this will not be happening again.  In preference to contrived 'analysis' we feel it is important to outline our imminent activities and plans for the New Year.  Our aim is to encourage as many of you as possible to become actively involved in the philosophy, laughs, music and objectives of Killing Joke.

So I will begin by itemizing our program

The formation of ODIC

I)  After much discussion, Geordie and myself decided upon abandoning the insulting format of a 'fan club' in favour of an independent organisation which outlined specific that both of us have held for so many years.  Hence 'Rubicon' (the fan club!) is now replaced with ODIC, which expresses our intentions with precision.  At the end of the day, Killing Joke must fuel the higher aspirations that we feel the spirit of the music has stood for.  Some of you will be aware of our geomantic studies of 'holy ground' in different parts of the world (research that has combined experiments which utilise the magnetic energy in these places).  We have outlined a program for the continuation of these experiments on a small island in the Pacific.  'Odic' has an ambiguous significance; the name originated from a man called Reichenbach, who labelled the terrestrial spirit of creative power of the universe 'Odic' Fluid.

The Organisation of the Distant Island Charter also has geopolitical as well as esoteric meaning which will be described in detail in our forthcoming circular.  Therefore, ODIC from henceforth will be synonymous with the management, information service and goals of the group Killing Joke.  Killing Joke is simply the 'active' or visible facet of the organisation.  Please note, we are not seeking a massive membership but an exclusive network of people who are interested in participating both in music and method.

II) Musical Objectives and Forthcoming Activity

It has now been over two years since Killing Joke took to the stage and, quite frankly, I miss it!  I was not happy with the overall standard and atmosphere of the old rhythm section on the BTATS tour so change was inevitable.  We have come to terms with the fact that the LP 'Outside The Gate', while dear to our hearts, is not representative of the definitive Killing Joke because  we never had a complete band at the time of writing.  Also, it is worth mentioning our recent diagnosis of the 'session musician' consciousness which we have been subjected to since the departure of the two Pauls.  We decided that while the rhythm section needs a disciplined dynamic groove, it also requires two strong personalities who identify with both music and school of thought.  Furthermore, the 'Extremities' LP we are currently working on is undoubtedly 'roots' in its most manic context.  When a certain Martin Atkins (who was with PiL for four LPs) contacted us, we knew the new band was forming.  We had met Martin in 1980 at Gooseburg Studios when we were recording the Psyche/Wardance single and musically found a lot in common.  As for the bass player, we asked Martin who he would like to play with and introduced us to an 'unknown' called !!!?? (whom apparently wanted to join after Youth's departure).  Rehearsals are now in full swing and I'm writing to inform you that something GREAT is happening!

Rehearsals for what you may ask?

It is with much excitement that I reply

1.  A Christmas Party at the Electric Cinema in Portobello Road exclusively for members of ODIC (inclusive of drink, fire and Killing Joke at midnight)

2.  A forthcoming tour of Australia and New Zealand in February and March

3.  A European and British tour to follow late March/April

III) Book

Now as far as the book An Irrational Domain is concerned, there will be no English edition on the bookshelves for some time.  It looks like there will be an Italian and German translation though!  Do not despair; ODIC is offering the book to members so we need orders of at least fifty copies so we can print.  Obviously the cost for a rare limited edition is high so we shall only be covering our costs.  However, upon membership you will be entitled to a bound fifty-page book with excerpts from AID.  I stopped even thinking about a publisher when Pete Townshend of Faber & Faber suggested it should be more 'rock and roll'!

It is primarily about the inspirational ideas behind Killing Joke (obviously some aspects of it are autobiographical).  Perhaps it could be described as our magical record.  If any of you are interested in our objectives, this is the penultimate outline.

IV) Idavoll

Incidentally, two weeks ago I played through my orchestral cycle 'Idavoll' to the Director of the Gewardhaus in Leipzig GDR who responded enthusiastically.  The usual bureaucratic procedures are now in motion for a New Year performance behind the jolly old curtain!

However, it was my idea that ODIC should put on 'Idavoll' for a few days before Killing Joke's next London concert in Spring.  The Royal Philharmonic would put it on at a cost somewhere near 6,000.  So if everything works out financially and we can raise the necessary amount, it could prove to be the year of my dreams.

I have already dedicated all the royalties to Friends of the Earth, so write to them and emphasise your keenness for this enormous work (that has taken six years of my life to complete) to be performed.  As many of you know, I don't normally subscribe to charities, but even I cannot tolerate depletion of ozone caused by the destruction of the rainforests.

The theme of Idavoll is simply the resurrection of nature, so I feel it is an appropriate work for this critical situation.

V.  Meeting

As I pointed out earlier, the idea of a 'fan club' is ridiculous with the aspirations we harbour in Killing Joke, so membership to ODIC will entitle the cardholder to the fruits of our restructuring process.  Membership will include admission to 'ritualised' meetings similar to the Courtauld talks held at the Courtauld Institute on September 22nd 1987 (a cassette of the talks can be purchased from ODIC upon request).

In future meetings we will be discussing with our members the ieas and direction of both ODIC and Killing Joke.  We will be welcoming your views and participation in the running of your organisation.

Our reasons for arranging such meetings have arisen from the vast quantities of intelligent correspondence in recent months.  We invite you to discuss various issues with us on a one to one basis and to become actively involved in the ODIC program.  Lectures and seminars on the fundamental principles of ODIC will also follow later in the year.  All meetings will be held at inspiring locations.

Finally, on to membership which entitles you to:

I) A floppy disc [sic] of the new material

II) An official T-shirt for '89

III) A bound 50 page book with excerpts from AID outlining the ODIC program

IV) Membership card which admits you to quarterly gatherings and seminars as well as reductions on certain concerts.  It will also enable you to purchase the 130,000 word book An Irrational Domain.

V) A quarterly information circular

Obviously we cannot run ODIC on thin air.  At 20.00 per head we are barely covering our costs of getting stimulating locations for our meetings as well as printing expenses.  Yet it promises to be the most exhilarating project for '89.  For  20.00 I promise that we will arrange a year that you will remember for the rest of your life.

In the name of laughter, music, inspiration and glorious revelry, I bid you farewell on behalf of Killing Joke.

Jaz and Geordie