Dear All,

Let's inform you about the new developments in the Killing Joke Camp.  In the last letter, Jaz told you he would be flying off to NZ.  Well he did, but even with all his hard work he was unable to arrange a tour for us. This was mainly due to the incompetence of NZ promoters.

However, the band have gone to America instead!  They all left on the 27th February and will be back at the beginning of May.  They will be playing about 17 dates over there and are also hoping to put on the first ever performance of Jaz's orchestral cycle 'A New Idavoll'.

Coming back to the home front, the Joke will be playing the Kilburn National in London on the 18th May.  This is a consolation gig to make up for the mentioned British/European tour (which should go ahead later in the year).  The first forty ODIC members (with cards) at the door will get in free.  Sorry it couldn't be everybody but we are not staging this event ourselves. We also have Manchester and Leicester on the cards for 16/17th May but these are to be confirmed.  The details will be in the music press nearer the time.

Next on the agenda -- Killing Joke will be going to Germany at the end of May to record 'EXTREMITIES" at long last!

Now to the bad news. The release of the video of the Porchester Hall party has been postponed indefinitely. The filming is great -- thanks to Astrid and Jonathon, but the sound quality is not up to standard. We hope to have it released exclusively to ODIC members eventually as it contains a lot of great footage of you all in joyous states of inebriation (for all of you who can't quite remember what you were doing that night!).  Also we are still negotiating with publishers on the release of Jaz's book, 'An Irrational Domain'. We hope it will be resolved soon as we would all like to see the book readily available to all.

Killing Joke would like to express their profound apologies about the talk that was scheduled for March 20th.  The names of everyone who reserved a seat will be held over to the next talk. As you may be aware, this year marks the 10th anniversary of the formation of Killing Joke. After the album has been recorded the Joke are planning many celebrations of this fact. More details in the next letter.

Well that's all the news. The next letter should be a bumper issue with photos, lyrics and some of your letters.

We still have stickers, flexi-discs and tapes of the Courtauld Talks available.

PS You should all be getting a postcard from the States! (just what you always wanted)