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Dear All,

First of all, many thanks to all the ODIC members who attended the Porchester Hall party on the 22nd December 1988. A big thank you to all who helped is during the day especially Claudine (the Jester) and Maria who both did an impossible job behind the bar. I hope you all enjoyed the evening as much as we did. Also, we would like to thank all of the loyal fans who came to the secret gigs in Sheffield and Birmingham. We are all avidly awaiting the next meeting with you all.

Right, enough of that, on with what you want to know

I) The Book

We have had a lot of enquiries about this and the situation looks very promising. We are having the 50 limited editions printed as I write, but, unfortunately, they won't be available for a short while yet. This is due to major source being interested in printing and distributing them on our behalf. Hopefully if everything goes to plan this will mean greater availability of the book and also at a reduced cost. We're keeping our fingers crossed. So, please be patient, the situation should be resolved in time for your next letter.

II) The Talk on March 20th

This is yet to be finalised. Further information will be issued when we have the full facts. However, those of you who have written asking for seats to be reserved have been noted and if anyone would care to do the same it will guarantee you a place as seats are limited.

III) Video

The Porchester party was recorded on video by an ODIC member at our request and is currently being edited. Copies should be available in about 2 weeks. The video is wonderful and shows what a wonderful event it was! As yet the price is unknown.

IV) Other Merchandise

(i) A limited amount of T-Shirts 6.50

(ii) Courtauld Talks tape 5.00

(iii) Flexi-disc of the 'Beautiful Dead' 1.50

(iv) 4 various stickers 1.00

Please add O.50p for P&P.


If you don't already know, Killing Joke's new line-up is complete. Martin Atkins, formerly of P.I.L., has this to say:-

When I joined Public Image Ltd. .in 1979; just in tile to add "Bad Baby" to the Metal Box, we were weaving the invisible cloth of the Emperor's new clothes...and the industry was wearing it. Four years later it seemed that we were the fools in the see-through suits.

I had to leave. *

Now, there are forces at work...

Inside my head...pushing my eyeballs out! pulling the corners of my mouth wider! into a manic grin -  pulling me three thousand miles across the sea.

Friction peels layers of bloody skin from my blurred hands...sticks slice through the toughest bulletproof drum head or splinter on impact. The bass drum beater distorts, twists and blends. Cymbals, glass, shatter.

There are forces at work

Drumsticks are now huge broomsticks, three inches thick splashing -smashing tissue paper and liquorice drums. The ends of my arms melt and flow -oxygen bubbles up from their surface. I eat the drums, tom toms first and wash them down with water -alcohol is the last thing this equation needs. The cymbals taste of lemons.

There are forces at work...

Get out of the fucking way.

Martin Atkins

I have spent my time since setting up INVISIBLE with my wife, an un-label dedicated to by-passing as much of the ass- pinching, cocaine-sniffing, hyped-up, watered-down record industry as possible.

I'm sure it raised a few eyebrows when we mentioned that, Andy Rourke (formerly of the Smiths) has taken the position of the Bass. My eyebrow was the first to be raised as I genuinely feel their sound was wimpish, weak and overrated. However, I have to admit that Andy is a remarkable bass player with an original style. d He contributes to mood and atmosphere in a way that none of his predecessors with Killing Joke have before him. I decided to drop all preconceptions prior to meeting him and discovered that he was a genuine person with a passion for the sound of Killing Joke. Andy is so obviously unlike the former archetypes of Youth and Raven that he of all people adds a new beginning to a new chapter. More importantly we all feel comfortable with each other.

As I said before, the music we are writing now is a return to musical, emotional and ideological roots. We decided to include a rough sketch of The Beautiful Dead to demonstrate this on your flexidisc. Both lyrics and theme are fundamentalist in approach. Andy, Martin, 6eordie and myself all feel strongly about the abhorrent trend of computer sampling and synthetic tones that lace the music industry. There is now for example no double tracking or ornate melodic keyboards, in favour of a live gut feeling. Here are the lyrics. We hope you like the music.


The crowd was one, oblivion ran deep
(-a consciousness of cannon fodder walking in its sleep)
Vacant expressions and don't look ahead
Everybody dance with the beautiful dead
All queue up and grovel for a hit
Someone pulls the reins (then you chew at the bit)
Encouraged by commercials to spend beyond my means
I laughed as it all fell apart at the seams
All mod-cons there was dust on the drums
My electronic beat-box got the job done
Everybody emulate the pulse of the soul
And change your clothes to make you feel whole
Effort and sweat was a thing of the past (they said)
Welcome to the world of the beautiful dead

It is our intention to meet everybody in ODIC personally. If we haven't already achieved this by December 22nd at The Porchester, then it will have to be next year when we come back from New Zealand and Australia. If you are keen to help us out in the running of concerts, meetings etc. etc. do not hesitate to contact Spike.

If everything goes our way at the Porchester Party, then the entire setting should resemble the description in the last verse of "The Pandys Are Coming". On that note, I bid you farewell.

There still was a place that wasn't a place!
There still was a race that wasn't a race.
I had to find it, it wasn't round here,
Such a thought! such a simple idea
There were long halls and benches, there was flesh on the spit.
Music was playing, there was wine to drink,
Women in scarlet and faces aflame
Laughter and argue that was ever the same.

Jaz Coleman.

Here is a summary of the chapter 'Integration' (which outlines the techniques of the Distant Island Charter). These are the conclusions I drew after three experiments which were carried out between the years 1981-83. It is interesting that the ODIC program has taken five years to flourish to this particular moment in time.


My discoveries of various straightforward methods to apply universal logic to a modest area of undeveloped land could have gone on and on forever. But what I had seen or felt was participation perceived in its ultimate universal context. The universe had become in my mind one single organism that breathed with rhythmic ease within which a minute society was arranged and operating in organic formation enjoying a synonymous function. A vast concept was not really so vast when understood as the extension of an individual's will. In all the structures that could be designed and created from this crude system, the King would be visible in every stage of development, for the lunar measure was taken from his left forearm and the solar measure was taken from the measure of this third eye to base.

The first question people will ask is what potential purpose would such a system expect to enjoy? objectives of such a project?

The Findhorn experiments, the Waipara Water Gardens in the Arundel peninsula in New Zealand and the brilliant research of Dr. J. Havelock Fidler (who with germinating mustard seeds proved the properties of the ley system beyond all doubt) all point to the revitalisation of an eco-structure in a proposed area by directing both spiritual energies and the noxious man-created influence of habitation and cultivation (TU) to points in the environment where there is a counteracting geomagnetic field (PU).

The objectives are simple - to prove that Man can actually achieve a beneficial effect on the environment by putting his activities in context with that environment. Perhaps the only way I can adequately describe the successful attainment of such aspirations is the impressions of tranquility and timelessness the Waipara Water Gardens had on me in new Zealand some years later. The Gardens were the work of a German philosopher who brought 100 acres of a disused mining valley and painstakingly transformed it over a ten year period into a place of outstanding beauty.

I resolved to initiate a programme of practical application that would take into consideration the necessity of geopolitics, conducting the research using unchecked intuition and instinct as opposed to intellect. All the arcane knowledge (PU) is hidden in our. unconscious at all times -it is not, repeat not amassed information learned on any literal basis but simply revealed to us as we proceed (TU). The key word is ACTION.

For these reasons I decided to name the project O.D.I.C. after Reichenbach's Odic Fluid -the strange, creative energy of the universe focused in t~ sacred sites equivalent to Reich's 'Orgone' energy. Naturally specifics such as how, where and when the project might commence would be revealed only to participants who would publish the success and failures at a later date. Also the geomantic instructions given to me in the Tower and the Dove, Serpent in the Hive and The Spider writings would be applied.

I had experienced many great thoughts and feelings during my stay in Iceland. I can remember listening to a conversation between two people considering hiring somebody to break into Jimmy Page's Windsor residence to obtain supposedly priceless handwritten manuscripts, then finding myself a year or so later in his library laughing as I held the manuscripts in an empty house. In any case, he would most certainly have given them to the person who was most likely to use them if they asked nicely.

Eventually, I decided to resume activities with Killing Joke and wait for the right opportunity to present itself. One had to learn the art of patience and wait years if need be. Everything an individual truly discovers and relates to is within the depths of his very self at all times anyway. He fails to realise this.

Iceland had become a shadow of something real and
I could still hear music

Further information on the origins of ODIC. . . . . . 


By the time the 18th Century and the Age of Reason had rolled around, there was almost no public domain material about for the relatively small reading public of the day to even scoff at. This situation changed drastically in the early 19th Century, and it came about from a rather unlikely quarter in the person of a highly successful physician with a somewhat chequered past, The Baron Von Reichenbach.  To Reichenbach then was to fall the honour of rediscovering the properties of the human aura in modern times.

The Baron was a man of considerable scientific attainment and, as such, took an acute interest in the "animal magnetism" theories of Dr. Franze Mesmer, which had been the rage of chic European society in the late 18th Century. In brief, Kesler claimed that he could cure almost all ailments with the use of various types of magnets and, in fact, he did succeed in curing many patients before his career ended in scandal and disgrace. Undeterred by all of this, Von Reichenbach assembled a group of his original patients, as well as certain clairvoyants and sensitives, and began to conduct a series of experiments. These experiments consisted of placing his subjects in pitch dark rooms along with a variety of items known only to himself, such as shells, crystals, magnets, and various types of minerals.

Von Reichenbach found that his subjects could indeed see the energy emanations from these objects in the form of lights of different colours. The subjects described to him independently of each other how, by their "spiritual sight" as it was called, they could see that iron, copper and bismuth samples gave off a reddish glow whilst the 'flames' emitted from lead and cobalt were blue. Some sensitives were able to describe the emanations from a large magnet as being blue- green from one pole and reddish-yellow from the other. It was also frequently noted that the hands and other parts of the body would give off a strange flickering bluish glow.

These experiments of the Baron were conducted over a period of years until he finally arrived at the conclusion that from every object in the human, animal, vegetable; and mineral kingdom, there emanated a force which could be detected under favourable conditions as flames or luminous radiations. Reichenbach, in his writings and descriptions of these experiments, called them the Od Force. The moment then seemed at last to have arrived for this mysterious force or substance to come out of its dark occult closet and into the light of scientific investigation. Unfortunately, for reasons now difficult to fathom, this did not, in fact, occur. One reason seems to have been that the newly rediscovered Od Force may have been linked in the public mind with Mesmer's experiments with hypnosis and magnetism, and when these techniques fell into disrepute, it seemed to drag down the credibility of the Od Force concept with it. In any event, the Od Force, the 'subtle body' , or the human aura, as it finally became to be known, again disappeared from sight until it was once lore discovered by a British physician working on the staff of Saint Thomas's Hospital in London.

James M. Burt