Holland Park Lecture - Part Three

The Awakening (Dudley-Coleman LP)

It is interesting listening to 'Songs from the Victorious City'.  I associate this music with the end of the Harlequin Madman or Fool - or, if you like, the death of the Creative Ego (453).

I did this recording after suffering a complete nervous breakdown.  Living with myself was never easy.

Isn't it funny that when we totally give up, things start to happen.  When we give up those desires, those desires manifest themselves.  Again, desire (or lust of result) short-circuits True Will.  Remember that.

I found my island (or my island found me - I'm not sure which).  WILL creates CHANGE certainly.  But TRUE WILL does not come from us; it comes from GOD, however you perceive he or she to be.  The only way is to let GOD work through us by learning to love.

So I say to you - "open your hearts".

The last entry in the diary reads:-

I have decided to follow the motto laid down at Waipura Water Gardens.  LOVE, CARE, PROTECT AND SHARE.

The island is near the Cook Island in the Pacific.

OK - slides.  This is where I will open the Centre for Geomantic Research.  This fragile little ecosystem has not been ruined yet.  If the project fails, we all fail; if it succeeds, we all succeed.

Stage One - starts on the 25th February.  Basic accommodation (and I mean basic) in the form of cabins will be constructed.  Designing a ground plan is to provide a basic yield to the next objective.  Damming the river and planting, etc.  This stage will take two and a half years.

Stage Two - This will be the research stage where hopefully we will be arriving at certain results.  Where perhaps our architect will provide us with a more permanent and inspiring structure other than wood huts for accommodation (but certainly not out of context with our principles).

Stage Three - which I hope we can reach by the year 2000, will be the export of the system all over the world.

We will have a set program which all participants must observe (8-12) every day, maintaining the farmlet and centre, and carrying out certain research.  The research could be anything from milking a cow to measuring a germinating mustard seed or dowsing for water.

However, I want the place to also be one of tranquility, a place of healing, a place of inspiration, a place of peace.

People who want to participate will have to enroll and be interviewed by the Trust I am setting up.  I want to establish a rota system to enable individuals to come and stay for a five-week period, no more or less, to truly benefit from the spirit of the island.  They will probably spend some of the time with me.

Even if you are accepted, you will have to find your airfare, etc.  However, we did think of setting up a system where a few bands could contribute towards the fare of a deserving case.

Time is short, and we are on trial.  The way we play our lives is as important as the way we play our instruments.  I sincerely hope that other bands and artists will use their funds wisely, and follow
the organic tradition.  It is not enough to whinge on about the state of the world; we must act now.

It is a dream that inspired a reality which I hope will inspire a thousand dreams.