ODIC Excerpts from An Irrational Domain


During the years late 80-81, the entire group moved into an abandoned house on the corner of Elgin Crescent and Ladbroke Grove. We occupied two enormous basements linked by a long passageway. The rooms were spacious and there were large gardens at the back. I spent my spare time studying groundplans of pre-christian meqalithic sites in Great Britain as well as the parallels in various mythologies concerning the destruction of the world by fire. I discovered several accounts of the legendary fire storm but somehow I felt the associations referred more likely to volcanic eruption than its modern atomic counterpart. It seemed logical to me that a lot might be learnt from studying the activities of the 'heroes' who survived the various holocaust. However, what I was searching for was quite specific:-

I )    Some sort of informative indication expounding on the necessary magical/practical
        approach (formula),

II)    Significant clues as to the type of environment conducive to the basic survival and
        nurturing of a stall community through transformation and post transformation period

I began to act with the classic characteristics of an introvert, with an obsession which was gradually alienating me from my fellow men. Spiritually, I was convinced of reincarnation in the traditional matter and consequently applied an analysis of my blessings and fate to such a theory.

We had been born both at an end and at a beginning -this was one of the facts as I saw it. We stood upon the threshold of an irreversible atomic annihilation of most of the globe, the survivors being subjugated to extreme social transformation beyond the comprehension of the average person. What, I asked myself, was the logical conclusion of over-population, super-technology and nuclear arms coupled with common human error? I discovered that even computer statistics and reason would not convince the majority of people of the reality of the situation.

To even consider such 'foundations' as a starting point for a definitive course of action determined me as an outcast. Naturally, I was forced to retreat into my world of legend and mythology in order to derive solace from their respective analogies.

When the first part of the information I was seeking finally appeared, I felt that a magical current had been activated -all the necessary facilities, people and events began to materialise from the moment my consciousness acknowledged the authenticity of the manuscript.

III    Now let it be first understood that I am a god of War and of Vengeance. I shall deal
        hardly with them.

IV    Choose ye an island.

V    Fortify it!

VI    Dung it about with enqinery of war!

VII   I will give you a war engine.

Liber Al Vel Legis

Three years later I had the opportunity to study the original handwritten manuscript in the possession of a friend. I am disclosing the source of my initial information since it is available on the shelf of any bookstore. I must add, however, that I have never discussed these few lines with anyone. The direct subjugation of their content to reason is in my opinion a grave profanity. Naturally, one is advised to refer to the legitimate commentaries for guidance if so required.

In addition to these few lines of writing, I chose to study St. John's account of the Apocalypse. This was the original source of the biblical characters of the Scarlet Woman and Beast which dominate this particular gospel. It was true that I was no stranger to divinity (especially the New Testament); it has been a passionate interest of line until puberty. As a boy, I had secured several choral scholarships and church music was my life. I believe I was originally attracted by the prospect of participating in the pageantry, robe and ritual of high church activities!