ODIC Excerpts from An Irrational Domain

Dear Friends,

    Well, here is the first journal as promised.  It was our intention to include a broad cross section of our activities and interests with the view to achieving a written response from as many of you as possible.  The more exceptional of your replies will be published in the next journal.

    Obviously not all of you will be interested in every aspect of the ODIC program. Many people identify exclusively with the instinctive gut feeling of the music.  However, we felt it was important to expound some of the more radical ideas (which have confused so many people due to misinterpretation) because of their impact on the music since 1981.  I refer to the year 1981 as that was the year in which all the essential ingredients, which typify the ODIC program, were formulated.  In fact, the initial inspiration came upon writing the song Butcher of the "WHAT'S THIS FOF" L.P.

    So I invite you to go back in time to 1981 and begin to share with us the acute alienation which occurred due to this seemingly insignificant incident.