Killing Joke Network Magazine Issue 1

August 1996

Hello to everyone and welcome to The Network.

This is our first issue and we hope you like it as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.

In this issue we have started a discography of all the UK released singles since the first release of Nervous System in 1979 up to the last single Democracy released this year. Over the next couple of issues we will sort out the album releases and then onto bootlegs, or at least as many as we can find. (Your help would be very much appreciated as there are so many tapes around that I doubt there is a record of all releases anywhere). There are a few excellent bootleg albums around such as The Bums Rush with the John Peel/Capitol Radio sessions on which we will also include - depending on the response.

We have also got a 'Diary' update from Jaz who is in England at the moment and looking for property. At the moment he is producing a couple of bands. And also working on a project with Youth.

Talking of Youth, he is producing a few bands for his Dragonfly label. There are a couple of excellent 'sampler' CDs out at the moment with a crop of excellent mixes of various Dragonfly bands. The first disc 'Order OdoNata' Vol.1 has a Youth mix of Sorcerers Apprentice by Black Sun together with a track from Hallucinogen's first release on Dragonfly (they did a mix of Democracy on the CD single). There are two more Black Sun tracks on the Project 2 Trance CD (also mixed by Youth -a.k.a. Martin Glover).

At the moment we are waiting for news of a remix edition of the Democracy album and the imminent release of Black Onyx - Jaz's symphony. I have heard it a few times and the vocal track by Hine is absolutely amazing. Emotional and from the heart.

The band are due to tour around November time and we are still waiting to hear about dates. I was lucky enough to be at the rehearsals for the European tour (non UK) and it was amazing. Really tight. Roll on the U.K. dates.

I am investigating the possibility of copying original reviews of gigs, albums and singles together with interviews as published in the British press over the last seventeen years. If I get the ok I will start in the next copy of the Network newsletter.

We have got a page set up on the Internet. I will put a few things on it over the following months but not until it has been in the newsletter. Also I will be copying an edited version of Jaz's "Diary". (After all you all paid for this and the world has not).

A few of you have already e-mailed me and I have replied to a couple of you but not everyone as there are quite a few people on the web who have been in touch and it will involve money to mail everyone. A few people joined via the Internet so it is a good tool for word of mouth.

Most projects, like The Network for instance, will always attract a cynic or two. We have. Someone e-mailed to say that "The music is the product. We don't need the hard sell". Well thank you for the input Mr / Mrs / Ms but this is not exactly hard sell. After seventeen years of creating music collectively and individually, Killing Joke followers should be given the opportunity to hear about forthcoming releases and events before they happen. Not only by word of mouth or via a fairly hostile music press. (Sorry to Mat Smith - he's one of the good guys who covered the Columbia lecture last year).

On the subject of recent releases by Jaz, The Symphonic Rolling Stones has sold in the region of a million copies and Us And Them The Symphonic Floyd has been No. 1 on the Billboard classic charts for well over twenty weeks.

On my copy of Us and Them there is a Youth remix of Time running in at over ten minutes. Excellent. What does anyone else reckon? Let me know and I will print some of your letters. I have included a few letters in this issue further on in. If you would like me to print your names and addresses with future letters that I print in The Network then let me know. It could be a good thing getting to know other like minded people who you could meet up with at future lectures. I can also include e-mail numbers for people on the Internet to communicate, (although a lot of you do at the moment).

As regards the Network page on the Internet it should be relatively up to date. We do not have a site yet but if anyone out there can help please do. It is a case of the cheaper the better as we only have the subscription money from yourselves to keep this network running. That is why I am still trying to sort out the t-shirt deals. Any profit will be re-circulated into the Network. (ps - I work for free). Also when it comes to any merchandise all members will get a discount as a thank you for helping launch this newsletter.

We are starting to look around for a venue to hold another lecture. Hopefully somewhere more rural than central London. When we find a place, hopefully with the facility for live music, the Network will have first refusal on tickets before they are released to the public at large (non members). We have one site earmarked but are looking for somewhere old with character possibly around this area - after all Cheltenham was, originally, a Saxon town and is on a ley-line.

I'll sign off now and let me know what you want, what information you can help me with i.e. bootleg tapes, albums etc. and any ideas in general.

Cheers Steve

Killing Joke Diary Update: Jaz

Dear Everyone,

This letter is the first of our diary updates in which members of Killing Joke (Youth, Geordie and Myself) will give accurate up-dates with our work, as the media is want to somewhat distort the truth.

The Democracy Tour went ahead in Europe, with considerable success. I was dismayed that Youth was unable to perform with us due to extreme financial pressures. However, most of the European audience thought Troy was Youth and frankly, we didn't correct them! We drank some superb wines on another fine gastronomic plunder of free restaurant food courtesy of various record companies throughout Europe. Certain concerts of the Democracy Tour stand out for me (Berlin, Hamburg, Paris and Milan) in which, what we in Killing Joke, term as the dissent of white heat. This is when the energy levels of the concert reach exhilarating heights, combined with the communication of talented individuals that we meet through our "open door dressing room policy". After eighteen years of Killing Joke, it heartens one to know of the love, support, dedication and inspiration of so many people is always there. When people ask me how long do you think you can continue, my answer is the same as it was in 1979, which is of course, indefinitely. I simply cannot see how I could continue without complete dedication to our work. As most of you will be aware, the way we perceive Killing Joke is based on a Renaissance principle, which is why we all are intent on diversifying from Art to Architecture and from Symphony to Band, with so many projects. We are already looking at where we shall hold the next annual Lectures which we began in 1987, when Geordie and myself did the Courtauld Talks at the Courtauld Institute. Since then, the Lectures have continued at the New York Theatre, the Holland Park Lectures and the Hyde Park Lectures last August. This is a time when I feel I can achieve perfect communication with the loyalists in our Network. We are potentially looking at holding the next talks in a Manor House in the Dorset countryside. Naturally, there are such overheads that to break even would be an achievement within itself. We are also looking at the possibility of performing some live work at the next occasion.

With regards to Killing Joke's imminent activities, the three of us have different opinions. My opinion is that no other public performances should take place until the climate is conducive to our aspirations. I am more concerned with moving on to a new recording which must take place in the most exotic of locations. The East is calling me and I am hearing Unison Strings with glissando and quarter-tones of the Orient from North Africa to a hungry China. In New Zealand we are aware that an unstable country of two billion is our neighbour, a new cold war has begun and I am tasting it from a new front line, which is the Pacific. On a more practical level, we have to examine the efficiency of our distributions in those territories we wish to work in. On Mid-Summers Day, Youth and myself will be writing in Marrakech, we will wait for no-one. Please therefore, drink a toast to new beginnings for yourself and our beloved band.

As far as my Symphonic work is concerned I am happy to be able to give clearer details on forthcoming releases. The Symphonic Pink Floyd arrangements that I played to some of you at the Hyde Park Lectures is currently 28 weeks at No. 1 in the Classical Bill Board Charts of the US. Symphony No. I, ldavoll and Fanfare For The Millennium is released world-wide in September on RCA Victor. Symphony No. 2, Black Onyx is released in October on Point Music Polygram world-wide. Pacifica, Ambient Sketches for String Quartet is released on BMG/Point Music, also in September world-wide. Symphonic Who is released in November on RCA Victor. I am recording Symphony No. 3, Requiem For the Modern World in October with Philip Glass, to be released on Polygram Classics and in November I write for the Australian Chamber Orchestra Symphony No. 4, as I will be venturing to stay with one of the Aboriginal Tribes of South Western Australia to write this. Recording takes place at the end of November.

As far as Concerts are concerned, since I spoke to you last, I have been made Composer in Residence for New Zealand's top orchestra and I commence my classical debut on the Island at the ends of the Earth on November 7th and 8th at Atone Centre followed by Sydney Opera House on November 18th. I will be performing Pacifica, which I have re-scored for a double string Orchestra and variations on the theme of Pink Floyd. The beginning of next year will start with the Premier of Symphony No. 3, Requiem for the Modem World, to open the new Auckland Cathedral in Parnell. All I can say is that the Requiem, which is for two Choirs and a full symphony Orchestra, sounds like the end of time. It will be my greatest work as it is scored in six languages and will relate on the spiritual level in terms of comparative religion as I come from a family which has Hinduism, Islam and Christianity within it's ancestral make up. I am excited. All my dreams have come true and now I am dreaming again. It is what I term as my Alpha phase, which represents the secondary stage of my life.

Life is hard yet I feel a great sense of purpose, destiny and fulfillment.

Welcome into the Brotherhood. Youth will be writing to you shortly and Geordie to follow.

Love and Inspiration
Jaz Coleman


After reading a few of your letters I think it may be a good idea to have an advertisement page where people can buy, sell or swop things with each other.  As we are only circulating this to the KJ fanbase it could be a good way of finding  any of those 'missing' things you have been looking for or even off-loading unwanted items.  Also if you are arranging a get-together like 'The Gathering' that happened a couple of years ago (courtesy of Jim Sinclair), then let me know and I will include it in the following issue.  I will have to make a slight charge for this but only to cover the costs.  I think that a fiver for inclusion in four issues is somewhere near.  If you want to do this then send your advert with a fiver and consider it done.  Anyone overseas you can send cash in your own currency because it costs me a fiver to cash cheques made out in foreign currency.  This way round I can change the money with no charge.  Of course, if you are in England you can do the same thing if you want to if it is more convenient.

Something that a lot of you have asked for is to publish the original music press write ups of albums, singles and concerts.  I have got a few of the English ones but I must ask permission from IPC and other companies.  When I know for sure I will let you know either by including them or putting in a copy of any letters I get (or do not get) from any publishers.  There is also demand for videos of TV appearances, singles or live gigs.  I am asking around and will see what, if anything, can be uncovered.  There is the video of The Symphonic Rolling Stones around which as got the making of Jaz's tracks on it with interviews with Marianne Faithfull, Michael Hutchence, Chris Kimsey, a few others and of course the man himself, Jaz.  Anyone seen it or got a copy?  As for the Hyde Park lecture last year it is not very good news I am afraid.  The people who were going to record the talk ended up (half) letting us down.  Fair play they did playback the music but they did not have any recording equipment, i.e., a suitable microphone, of all things, so that 'put paid' to a live recording of the talk.  As for a video it was not through lack of trying that Craig could not get sorted (see the letter further on next page).

We sent out a letter asking if anyone was interested in seeing KJ on their non-British tour dates.  Sorry that it was short notice but we did get four people wanting to go.  We phoned the names through to EG who rang the tour manager who should have sorted it so how about letting me know  how it went (Tom, Adrian,Judy and Matt)?  I was at the rehearsals a couple of days before the band left and they were really tight.  I am looking forward to any English shows that might happen.

I apologise for the delay in response to your request for footage of the Jaz Coleman lecture.  I am afraid that I left the footage with the guy who lent me the equipment on the promise that he would run off copies for me.  However, despite frequent requests since, he has failed to deliver any copies.  I have a sneaking suspicion that he has recorded over the tape.

Again, I am really sorry that it's taken so long to get in touch but this business has been a big embarrassment, and I guess I've tried to brush it under the carpet.

Craig Royston

Well, I know what you mean by embarrassment as the lecture was the first thing that we did with Jaz or any of the band and it would have been great to have everything working out 100%.  You did as much as was possible considering that everything was at such short notice.  I am just grateful that you did it and hopefully if/when we sort out another lecture there will be more time to get things together.

 About 18 months ago, I heard through the grapevine that Jaz was due to release one of his orchestral pieces on RCA Victor.  Can you tell me if this rumour is true?

Kirk Butcher

The piece I think you are referring to is the Symphonic Music Of The Rolling Stones RCA Victor 09026-62526-2

It was great that I received communication regarding the KJ Network.  I was beginning to wonder if I had imagined the band and my CD and vinyl collections were some manifestation of subconscious wishes for better music.  It is only by pure change that I hear the occasional snips of information about the band and it really annoys me regarding the total lack of airplay they receive -- or is this a decision on behalf of the band not to be merged with the s*** that does get played.

Mark Owen House

The band do not seem to be exactly popular in the British music press, generally speaking.  I think that one or two people have taken on board past comments hence the doors are half bolted before any releases reach the press.  As for airplay, it is a fairly rare occurrence.  The band would be pretty pleased for airplay/time but with the state of 'Brit Pop' around at the moment I guess most people would be left wondering what hit them.  All things considered I guess even the most die-hard anti-KJ journalist would have to admit that 17 years is a long time for the life of a band with the type of press they get.

Would you have a contact address of someone who could help me get hold of various Killing Joke/Jaz recordings.  It is difficult to obtain a lot of these things over here.  In particular I am after the CD single of Exorcism.  Have you any info on Jaz's symphonic or orchestral recordings? (The Black Onyx, etc.)

If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.  I am on the Internet.

Jason Koning
New Zealand

If you send a list of what you want I will check it out and let you know, via the Internet, of prices, etc.  As for Jaz's symphonic recordings they Floyd and Stones CDs are out.  I have heard Black Onyx and it is amazing.  I am not sure of the release date yet but will e-mail you when I find out.

I am sure you will be able to help out in the future and you will be hearing from me via e-mail.

I have written already but I have yet to receive an answer.  As I told you in an earlier message, I maintain the only Killing Joke Web Page (besides yours) since more than a year.  I have put hundreds of hours working on this without any benefit. I put a lot of dedication in my site because I love Killing Joke's music. My web page sports a very exhaustive (the most exhaustive I've seen) discography of albums, singles, and some promos, with a list of bootlegs on the way.  You say: "I do have lots of hits already but any info from all of you would be a great help." I'm a little disappointed by that considering that I never even received an acknowledgement of my previous message, in which I was saying that I was willing to help with such things.  I also have a link to your web page from mine; I'd appreciate it if you could at least mention in your web page, next time you update it, that mine is there, and available for everyone to consult.  A number of the most dedicated fans have helped me put this site together and helped make it a great site.  I think it would only be of value to everyone to collaborate together.  Thanks. I hope to receive an answer very soon!

Martin Dupras

I have seen your page on the web and fair comment it is excellent and well looked after.  I appreciate anyone who can help with any info at all and I am sorry that I did not get in touch sooner than I did.  As I explained there have been a few problems with the net mainly due to my incompetence and lack of knowledge as regards computers.  Next time I update the page I will include your web site for other people to read and e-mail you.

For those reading this, here is the web address for Martin's page:

It is the best site I have found so far and is worth checking out for any info you may want or need.

How refreshing to find a Killing Joke fan on the Internet, for I am the biggest on Earth.  I am very interested in your newsletter, and I am curious on how much it is in American currency.

I also have the Unperverted Pantomime on cassette, and I don't know if there is an actual version on a record label.  I also have a bootleg from 1982 in Detroit.

I have to tell you, if you really want info, videos, live shows, bootlegs that you may not have, e-mail ... she has all the info you are looking for.  Are you interested in trading or selling copies (blank tapes) of assorted Killing Joke music?  I am such a huge fan, but my collection is quite small.  A dream of mine is to one day meet Jaz Coleman.  Well, I've probably wasted too much of your time.  Thanks.

Imran Aslam

I do not think that you are wasting my time as I really enjoy reading the letters as they arrive.  The only hiccup is answering them and printing them in the Network.  I hope that it is not too much of a letdown not to be 'seen to' right away for everyone but bear with me.  I am fairly sure that Unperverted Pantomime was cassette only and I have a copy of it.  I wonder if anyone has got one with a number below 10 on it? (Limited edition and all that.)  I think it would be good if you tried Martin's page for more info on Killing Joke as he seems to be well up on the band and he is also going to link up with the Network page.

This is Mark Anthony in San Francisco.  Killing Joke was there for me offering songs of strength, truth and inspiration during a very troubling period in my young adult life. I like to think that in some small, yet magnificent way, Killing Joke helped make me a better person. For that, I am eternally grateful. I support what you are doing one hundred percent. If there is anything I can do here in SF to support KJ, you just let me know. I work as a video editor for CBS and offer up my talents to you and yours. I usually have a few beers with Geordie when Killing Joke comes to town, which has only strengthened my love of this band. They are all very special people. Bye for now PLEASE GIVE MY BEST TO GEORDIE AND JAZ.........

Us and Them The Symphonic Pink Floyd

The London Philharmonic Orchestra

Phillips Classics 446 623-2

Track Listing: Time/Brain Damage/Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)/Comfortably Numb/Breathe/Money/The Great Gig In The Sky/Nobody Home/Us and Them

Excellent artwork on the sleeve of this CD.  All of it was drawn by Roger Dean (yes, the Roger Dean who did all the artwork for Yes).

With the Yes albums, it was always a case of "great sleeve, shame about the music". With twenty years in-between then and now this CD is "amazing sleeve, brilliant music and excellent production" which is guess is down to those twenty years. I used to think that a violin was one of those things that Slade or Curved Air used and never really appreciated what one could sound like. The musicians in the LPO are of such outstanding talent and the musicians brought in are world class artists in their field that you could not fail to appreciate this CD for sheet talent in all areas from the music, scoring, playing and production.

My copy of the disc has got a remix version of Time running at over 10 minutes with the subtitle 'The Old Tree With Winding Rooms Beneath The Lake Of Dreams'.  Youth has re-mixed the opening track and it sounds amazing.  It is a bit like The Wall when it starts playing with the same music it ends with. In this case it is an ambient mix which if we saw a complete disc/album of these would make a great companion for Us and Them. Put it together with the original and it would make a great Trilogy -- all the same but extremely different.


Symphonic Music Of The Rolling Stones

The London Symphony Orchestra

BMG Classics RCA Victor 09026 62562

Track Listing: Street Fighting Man/Paint It Black/Under My Thumb/As Tears Go By/Sympathy For The Devil/Dandelion/Ruby Tuesday/Angie/She's A Rainbow/Gimme Shelter/Jumpin' Jack Flash

 Jaz scored the highlighted tracks; the rest of the tracks are covered by other people. The highlight goes, in my opinion to Angie. It is the only track featuring Mick Jagger on vocals and the arrangement is beautiful.  The guitar playing is outstanding and I don't need to say how good the LSO are.  If the CD had a track released as a single this would be the obvious choice with As Tears Go By and She's A Rainbow as companion tracks. I shall not carry on.  Just buy it and give it a listen.  You won't be disappointed.

Next month I shall print a list of all the UK release albums from 'Killing Joke' up to 'Democracy' with a track listing for all of them. Hopefully I will have heard from a couple of you with info on any bootleg tapes/albums or possibly even CDs.  I will also have an address by then for ordering back catalogue records etc.  I will, with a little luck, include a few reviews of past events from the perspective of the music press i.e., some of the original reviews of albums, etc.

Also I will get the advert side of things sorted and get some questions answered by Jaz as he should be round soon to visit. Also I have to get in contact with Youth to get a letter for the Diary page(s) and with a little luck Geordie as well.

I know that Jaz and Youth are working on something at the moment and when I hear anything I will let you know.  I will try to check out if there is a remix of Democracy due but the chances are it iwll be released (if there is such a thing) before the next issue. I guess that I could put it on the net if I hear anything and then you can find it. Of course if I can persuade EG to send me a load of flyers when anything is going to be released then I can send you news before the papers get it as they are not always reliable enough to let the world know.

I will sign off now and till next time take care and keep smiling.