To the frustration of many fans, the band's history in general and live history in particular is poorly documented.  These pages will be an attempt to rectify that situation; however, rather than compiling a book, this history will be available right here.

In order to do this properly, what's needed most is you, the fellow fan, to share your live photos, scans of ticket stubs or other memorabilia, handbills, posters, gig reviews, you name it!  (Recordings would be very nice but not strictly necessary.)

What you'll be seeing here over the coming days and weeks is firstly a listing of known live dates + any other information I happen to have on hand.  If you know of a show not listed, or if you have something to share, then contact me and let's get it online!



Special Thanks (so far):  101 Stum, Antoni Adamiak, Warren Aicken, Dave Axford, Gary Barrett, Andy Bevan, George Brown, Tim Bucknall, Chay, Owen Carne, Carl Dean, Death Wish, Den Toxic, Eric Dochez, Fred in France, Nicolas Glorion, Trevor Grace, Melinda Grant, Michael Heminger, Mark Holt, Daan Hoenraet, Cormac Jaffari, B.F. Jenkinson, Richard Kenyon, Thomas Landers, Geert Landuyt, Marie Lecocq, Martin McRae, Dr. Majestik, Erwin Mayerhofer, Chris Metzler, Ian Morland, Dirk Ostroske, Viny Parkinson, Veronika Pehe, Astrid Pretterhofer, Alan Proctor, Ralle, Paul Rangecroft, Paul Richards, Karsten Roekens, Joost Schaap, Grignion Schrama, Marcel Spooman, Jeff Sturges, Marko Taskinen, Kevin Turley.