Killing Joke:  The Concert File

The Next Laugh: 2003

Just when even the most die-hard fans were despairing of ever seeing Killing Joke record or tour again, they were back, with a new eponymous album that received nearly universal critical praise.  Jaz himself stated, "The thing I find overwhelmingly shocking, is a band can get its definitive work, which I think this album is, in its 24th year. Itís the first time Iíve liked every track, ever. This album [eleventh] blows everything weíve ever done in our past away."



1 August: Zary, Poland, Przystanek Woodstock Festival

An outdoor festival organised by the anti-racist 'Never Again Association'.  The festival was one of the largest music events in the world, with more than 300,000 people in attendance.

3 August:  Vienna, Flex

Setlist: Requiem/ Total Invasion/ Wardance/ Blood On Your Hands/ Change/ Seeing Red/ The Fall Of Because/  The Wait/ Asteroid/ Whiteout/ /Psyche/ Frenzy.

5 August: Prague, Acropolis

6 August: Berlin, Colombia Firitz

8 August: Belgium, Lokerse Festival

9 August: Hildesheim, Germany, Mera Luna Festival

10 August: Dusseldorf, Tor

12 August: Amsterdam, Melkweg

13 August: Amsterdam, Melkweg

14 August: London, Underworld

By all accounts a fantastic show; Kerrang magazine reports: "Waves of ecstatic Jubilation course through the crowd like sonic semiconductors . . . . As the doom-laden prophecy of 'War Dance' summons a rapturous frenzy, it's clear that the response is about far more than pulsing, angular rhythms and righteous dismay. Tonight in the Underworld's dank, mottled interior, Killing Joke have arrived." (30 August 2003)

16 August: Chelmsford, V2003 Festival

17 August: Stratford, V2003 Festival

"With such a vast back catalogue from the last 25 years to choose from, they picked a superb set to cram into the 35 or so minutes they were given including new and old classics such as - Wardance, Total Invasion, Blood On Your Hands, Whiteout, The Wait, Pandemonium, and Psyche.... The band tour the UK in October, and you should make a point of seeing the masters at work." (Neil Crud, Crud Fanzine)

22 September: Zurich, venue unknown

23 September: Munich, Backstage

24 September: Bochum, Germany

28 September: Rotterdam, Nighttown

Setlist: Communion/Requiem/Total Invasion/Wardance/Blood On Your Hands/Change/Seeing Red/The Fall Of Because/Tension/Death & Resurection Show/Kings & Queens/Loose Cannon/Empire Song/The Wait/Whiteout/ Frenzy/Psyche.  Encores: Asteroid, Pandemonium, Follow The Leaders.

29 September:  Paris, Elysee Montmarte

Setlist: Faith Healer intro (apparently cut short due to some sort of technical fault)/Communion/Requiem/Total Invasion/Wardance/
Blood On Your Hands/Change/Seeing Red/The Fall Of Because/Tension/Death & Resurrection Show/Kings & Queens/Loose Cannon/Empire Song/The Wait/Whiteout/Frenzy/Psyche.  Encores: Asteroid, Follow The Leaders, Pandemonium.

2 October: Wolverhampton, Wolfrun

Setlist: included The Fall Of Because, Follow The Leaders, Communion.

3 October: Liverpool, Carlsberg Academy

Frenzy was played as the encore.

4 October: Glasgow, Garage

5 October: Leeds, Metropolitan

Setlist: included The Fall Of Because, Loose Cannon, Follow The Leaders, The Death & Resurrection Show, Kings & Queens, Pandemonium, Empire Song, Psyche, The Wait, Tension, Change, Wardance, Whiteout.

6 October: Manchester University

Setlist: identical to Leeds.

7 October: Nottingham, Rock City

9 October: Northampton, Roadmender

Setlist: Communion/Requiem/Total Invasion/Wardance/Blood On Your Hands/Change/Seeing Red/The Fall Of Because/Tension/The Death & Resurrection Show/Kings & Queens/Empire Song/Frenzy/The Wait/Whiteout/
Psyche.  Encores: Asteroid, Pandemonium.

Loose Cannon was originally in the setlist but Empire Song was played instead.

10 October: Bristol, Academy

Setlist: Communion/ Requiem/ Total Invasion/ Wardance/ Blood On Your Hands/ Change/ Seeing Red/ The Fall Of Because/ Tension/ Death & Resurection Show/ Kings & Queens/ Empire Song/ The Wait/ Whiteout/ Frenzy/ Psyche.  Encore: Pandemonium.

11 October: London, Astoria

12 October: London, Astoria

13 October: Cardiff, Mount Stuart

This gig was originally slated for a larger venue (The Coal Exchange) but moved ... unfortunately the smaller venue was so overcrowded that the heat within was unbearable for both audience and band.  A one-hour set was played; the setlist included Follow The Leaders and Requiem.

14 October: Dublin, TBMC

15 October: Belfast, Limelight

17 October: Preston, Mill

18 October: Sheffield, Leadmill

22 October: New York, CMJ

24 October:  Baltimore, Fletcher's

Setlist: Communion/Requiem/Total Invasion/Wardance/Blood On Your Hands/Change/Seeing Red/The Fall Of Because/Follow the Leaders/The Death & Resurrection Show/Kings & Queens/The Wait/Whiteout/Psyche. Encore: Pandemonium.

25 October: Washington DC, 9:30 Club

26 October: Philadelphia, Theatre of Living Arts (cancelled)

Jaz had been struggling with a case of flu for a few days and the band were forced to cancel this gig.

28 October:  Toronto, Lee's Palace

30 October: Cleveland, Agora Ballroom

31 October:  Detroit, Majestic Theatre

1 November: Chicago, Metro

2 November: Milwaukee, Eagles Club

A disappointing outing for band and audience alike; attendance was low due in part to inclement weather and a sporting event taking place on the same evening.  To make matters worse, Jaz was still unwell according to the soundman, and should not have gone onstage.  The set ended early with no encore.

3 November:  Minneapolis, Fine Line Music Cafe

5 November: Denver, Bluebird Theatre

6 November: Salt Lake City, DV8

8 November:  Portland, Berbati's Plain

9 November: Seattle, Showbox

11 November: Vancouver, Richard's on Richards

14 November: Los Angeles, El Rey Theatre

15 November: San Diego, The Scene

16 November: Sydney, Metro (postponed)

The gig was postponed when drummer Ted Parsons missed the flight to Sydney from LA.

20 November:  Sydney, Metro

21 November:  Brisbane

The Australian portion of the tour was sadly marred by a road accident in which a member of the crew transporting instruments and other equipment was killed.  Fears of equipment damage were a secondary concern, but initial plans to cancel the Melbourne show were unnecessary.  This final night was dedicated to the lost member of the road crew.

23 November:  Melbourne, Hi-Fi Bar + Ballroom