(From the Baltimore Sun, 17 January 1992.)

Songs From The Victorious City

''SONGS FROM THE VICTORIOUS CITY'' Anne Dudley and Jaz Coleman (TVT)

Considering that Anne Dudley was a member of the Art of Noise and that Jaz Coleman's musical roots are in the rhythmic ferocity of Killing Joke, it would be easy to assume that any collaboration between the two would be a strictly dance-music affair. Well, guess again, for the haunting ''Songs From the Victorious City'' turns out to be an impressionistic tour through the music of Cairo. It does have its moments of rhythmic abandon, of course - ''Endless Festival,'' which sounds like a cross between Ofra Haza and Led Zeppelin's ''Kashmir,'' is but one example - but the album's general feel is more contemplative and exotic. All told, it's a wonderful piece of work, offering music that is true to its sources without being slavishly imitative.

- J. D. Considine, Baltimore Sun