(From Reuters, UK-based newswire service, 22 October 2007)

Killing Joke Bass Player Raven Dies

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Paul Raven, bass player with punk band Killing Joke, has died in Geneva aged 46, the band said in a statement on Monday.

"Paul had been recording with Ted Parsons and Marco Neves in Geneva for the band Treponem Pal. After a day of recording, Paul retired to bed and did not wake up," the statement said. Raven joined the band in 1982, but also played and wrote with other groups including Ministry, Godflesh, Prong, Pigface, Murder Inc, and Amen.

Killing Joke's music has been covered by bands including Metallica, Foo Fighters, Fear Factory, Nouvelle Vague and LCD Soundsystem.

"We are all deeply stricken with grief at the unannounced departure of possibly the funniest man on planet Earth and a brother to us all," Killing Joke front man Jaz Coleman and guitarist Geordie Walker said.