(From Terrorizer, UK-based metal magazine, May 2008. Special thanks to Christopher for taking the time to type it all in.)

Killing Joke: Revelations

Apocalyptic post punk institution Killing Joke have announced a reunion of the original 1979-1982 lineup for a world tour focusing on new material and a new album, tentatively scheduled for release this summer. Vocalist Jaz Coleman and guitarist Geordie Walker will be joined by Martin 'Youth' Glover and drummer 'Big' Paul Ferguson for a trek that sees them play two nights in every venue, the first consisting of KJ classics 'Killing Joke' and 'What's This For...!', back to back. Jaz Coleman found time in his increasingly busy schedule to talk Terrorizer through recent developments.
How did this come about?
Everything came together when we all met at [late bassist Paul] Raven's funeral. It was funny the unifying effect it had on all of us. It made us realise our mortality and how important Killing Joke is to all of us. I saw Big Paul and I hadn't spoken to him for a long time, and everything was really good. It was unbelieveable. And there was an incredible will from all parties to, not just tour, but to go forward and do a new recording and press on with a lot of things. The last time the four of us played together was in 1982 before I went to Iceland [in order, Coleman believed, to survive the imminent Apocalypse]. Me and Geordie are buzzing.
What can you tell us about the new album so far?
I've noticed with Killing Joke after many years, it kind of goes in cycles. If you do an album straight after you've done one album it never has the lustre of the one before, so when you leave Killing Joke alone for a little while and everyone's had time to think, everyone comes to rehersals highly charged. In lieu of events that have happened and Paul leaving us, there's a lot of emotions going around. I went to Geordie's on Sunday and he played ten ideas and I had to stop him! It was just fucking devastating! Chord formations I've never, never heard. When you leave Geordie alone for a couple of years he consolidates the best of his ideas together and it's really inspiring. So I reckon it's going to be a cracker, this new album; it will sound like nothing on Earth.
Have you all rehearsed together yet?
No we haven't and that's something I am really looking forward to. You've got to remember, Big Paul, Youth, Geordie and myself, it's kind of like a weird flashback. When we were playing together in 79 there was a magic. There is definetly a magic between us. I always knew this day would come, even when Big Paul left the band. I never for one moment kidded myself that there wouldn't be a future without him. It's just taken a long time. But here we all are.
What else can be expected from this incarnation of Killing Joke?
There will be a lecture tour to coincide with the live dates next year and at the end of the year one enormous volume of 'The Secret Writings of Killing Joke' will be published. About 1,500 pages. We also have a movie that we have got to finish called 'The Death and Resurrection Show', which is about Killing Joke. And that will be ready for our 30th anniversary, next year. This year and next year Killing Joke will be highly active.