(This article originally appeared on Xrock, an online radio station, July 2003).


Rockers KILLING JOKE have teamed up with FOO FIGHTER star DAVE GROHL on their new album, despite once suing his former band NIRVANA over infringement issues.

Grohl drums on the new Joke album KILLING JOKE and has called the opportunity "a dream come true" after years of covering the British group's songs on Foo Fighter tours.

But he was once an enemy of Joke frontman JAZ COLEMAN, who sued Nirvana over infringement of intellectual property rights in 1992 - claiming the Seattle trio stole his ideas.

Coleman says, "There was tension between the two camps concerning all that c**p. Someone actually asked me if having Dave in the band was his way of doing community service.

"We just put all that behind us. When KURT (COBAIN) went into the other world, Killing Joke dropped any lawsuits.

"When he died, there was suddenly a poor little kid out there who, no matter what amount of money you talk about, hasn't got a dad. We're all fathers. So it was all just dropped." (KL/RV/BH)