(This article originally appeared on the Dot Music, site, 17 July 2003).



Dave Grohl has made a startling confession that he always wanted to be in a high school marching band.

The Foo Fighters star makes this bizarre disclosure during an intriguing interview shot behind the scenes during the making of the new self-titled Killing Joke album (out July 28) which Grohl sat in on as guest drummer.

In the footage you get a chance to see Grohl's work in progress as he develops tracks live in the studio and also talks about his relationship with the band.

"I couldn't wait to get my hands on it," says the former Nirvana stickman about the KJ songs. "I dropped out of high school but I always wanted to be in a marching band. I never learnt to read music, I can't read music, so this is fulfilling my marching band fantasies."


He continues: "This is the first record I've ever done where the drums come last. Usually they're first. But it's nice, cos when you put the drums on and all the percussion is down then it's done.

"All the programming and rhythms they came up with are great, they're not conventional rock drumming. It's challenging."

Grohl - a workaholic who sat behind the drumkit for the last Queens Of The Stone Age album - first met Killing Joke's Jaz Coleman during the Big Day Out Festival in Australia in bizarre circumstances.

"We decided to meet at the hotel I was staying at and we'd never met before," recalls Grohl.

"I was sitting at the bar waiting for him and I was thinking, "I've never met this guy, I've seen pictures, I hope I recognise him". There are businessmen and tourists. Then I see this man walk in and go up to the front desk in a priest uniform and I thought that's gotta be him. It was beautiful. A religious experience."

'Killing Joke' is the band's first album in nine years and you can see them live at V2003.

For more info on the band check out their official site.