(From Bass Inside, Swiss-based music magazine, September 2003.)


CD Reviews


Killing Joke

2003, Zuma Recordings/Sony

Bassist: Paul Raven


Since the beginnings in 1978 they were always a bit scary, with a dark edge to their post-punk sound. After seven years off the scene they're back to the roots with this newest release, as the title shows. The first track 'The Death & Resurrection Show' hits you like a fist and makes it clear from the beginning that this is not pillow-talk music. The dark end-of-the-world lyrics underline the sinister chords and aggressive atmoshpere. With an almost original line-up, long-term Killing Joke fan Dave Grohl (ex Nirvana) plays the drums on this one, and Jaz Coleman's singing spreads from screaming to whispering. Like King's X, Killing Joke paved the way for all the post-punk grunge and nu-metal bands who became way more famous, and they always remained in the shade as an insider secret. This album is Killing Joke at their best, a must for every fan and a good introduction for those who don't know them yet.