From Ghastly Magazine (yes, really), published by Nosferatu Productions (yes, really) in Hollywood, California. This is from Issue #7, 14 March 1996.

K i l l i n g  J o k e
Interview with Geordie Walker

by David Skott and Maureen


Ghastly: Explain the name Killing Joke.

Geordie: It stems from all that political bullshit, the government, any heavy situation.

Ghastly: What's the difference in playing live now compared to live shows in the late Seventies and Eighties?

Geordie: Plain and simple, we're better now! (he laughs) The shows early on were pretty crazy with all the punks. (When punks were still the real punks) However, these days we have a lot more variety of ages showing up than before.

Ghastly: Are there any side projects we don't know about?

Geordie: Jaz is working on some music for an animation CD-ROM. Youth and I are kind of just doing our own thing in the house.

Ghastly: Who influenced your guitar playing?

Geordie: I really started getting influenced when I was eight years old by this producer named David. He produced "Love Sculpture." Later on of course there was Steve Jones (Sex Pistols), Pete Townshend (The Who) and then the psychedelic guitar playing of a Scottish band named The Sensational Alexander Band. [sic] That shit is heavy!

Ghastly: Tell me about the most memorable show you ever played.

Geordie: That would have to be in Reading, England in the early Eighties. About one hundred people were blowing fire on the first row of people. Jumping off stage with this fire. Complete chaos. Then all of a sudden the music stopped and everyone was silent. And I could see myself playing outside of my body. A total out of body experience. It was fucking weird. And then the lights went back on, the music started, and I slipped back into reality.

Ghastly: What do you think of the recent uprise in the punk rock style?

Geordie: What punk style? There was only one time when it was happening. Today's so-called punk is non-existent. And what the hell is alternative? They just throw bands in that category when they don't fit anywhere else.

Ghastly: What bands do you like these days?

Geordie: The Beatles are still great. Some techno music seems to be the direction of ideas lately.

Ghastly: What direction is Killing Joke taking with this new CD?

Geordie: Our direction is coming from the dislike of everything out there in the world. This CD also has bits and pieces of some heavy reggae, Adam Ant and Bauhaus. We'll be touring sometime in June. I'm looking forward to playing the new CD. Hope everyone enjoys it!