(From No. 1 , UK music magazine, 14 April 1984.)


Joker In The Pack

A Killing Joke is a situation or an event that is funny- yet shouldn't be. A terrorist blowing himself up is a literal killing joke.

Jaz of the group Killing Joke, who have the 'Eighties' single out looks at the killing jokes in his own life.

Interview by Paul Bursche


I was born in Cheltenham. I was a choirboy for years and years in the cathedral choir. Then I was a member of the National Youth Orchestra; I played violin very well.

I was totally straight up to the age of 14, and a very talented musician. Then I discovered rhythm and deviated sharply.


I'm a punk who ridicules the government, but I don't believe in democracy.

I think the only way forward for man is synchronicity with nature and there's no other way. That's why I won't go into politics.


People think I'm street cred and all that, but my life style is completely opposed to all of that. I have a very nice house in Portobello Road, Notting Hill, with a nice balcony and big marble rooms. I also have a place in Geneva where my Swiss girlfriend lives.

I spend a great deal of time travelling and living beyond my means. I've a passion for flying all different airlines. I also enjoy ski-ing with half a bottle of whisky inside me.


I always attract very very possessive women but at the moment I've got five girlfriends in London alone - and they all know each other. There's a joke in the band that one day I'm going to be stabbed to death by one of them.


My greatest aspiration is musically portray the way I world going for the next thousand years, in social structure and politics and all sorts of things.

But all I want to do is settle down in a hot land with lots of beautiful women. HA HA.