(I think from Record Mirror, but I'm not sure - whoever used to steal their chart listing from Billboard)


Youth of Killing Joke

Full Name: Youth (for a few more years)

Date of Birth: 27.2.61

Educated: So they say

First Love: Suzi Quatro

First Disappointment: Sherbet not coming up in the straw in a sherbet fountain

First Performance: Behind the school shed at the age of 6

Heroin: Never touched the stuff!

Heroes: Steptoe and Mickey Mouse

Hobbies: Washing!!!

Most Frightening Experience: Night out with Mickey Mouse

Funniest Experience: throwing up in Rotor at Fun Fair

Worst Experience: Battersea Fun Fair being closed

Ideal Home: Somewhere on the South Circular

Ideal Car: A customised Jaguar with chauffeuse

Ideal Holiday: Shack on the beach in Jamaica

Favourite Food: Rice pudding with the skin on

Favourite Drink: Dark Rum and Banana milk shakes

Favourite Clothes: Dirty ones

Most Hated Chore: Getting up in the afternoon

Ambition:  To meet God (again?) !!!!